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An eco-sustainable

StampFoil protects the environment by adopting all the measures necessary for compliance with the requirements set out in environmental regulations. The huge investments made in new generation systems and machinery enable the company to reduce harmful atmospheric emissions to zero.

We take good care of the environment

September 2007 saw the commissioning of a brand-new system to handle processing residues, ensuring waste management modalities that are highly efficient and safe for everyone. The system, of new and modern design, is able to reduce atmospheric emissions to zero, so as to ensure compliance with environmental regulations both inside and outside the company. Processing residues are disposed of according to the applicable regulations, also through the checks performed continually by our technicians on each and every phase of the production process.



StampFoil and its suppliers guarantee that the products and the raw materials used are safe, in that they are in keeping with the provisions set out in the REACH regulation.
As a manufacturer of products involving no intentional chemical release, the company is not subject to any registration or reporting obligations. All company suppliers, instead, declare that they have obtained the required REACH approval or registration or have started a REACH project.


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